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Videmak SupaTube | All in one; Videos, Audio, Lyrics, Stream and Download

The logic behind this app is that you can think of a beautiful audio song, so you come to this app and search for it, of course, it will be there, You start streaming it (It has unlimited audio streams). Now you want to download the song (It has an inbuilt audio downloader). But now you like the song and want to watch its video, still we got you (It has an inbuilt song video search with downloader), Other things like song Lyrics are just bonus.

Easy to Reskin, with an Up to date documentation

App Documentation‎

In a rush? try It out below

download demo

  •  No need to Upload songs
  •  Music Videos up to 4K resolution
  •  Picture in Picture mode
  •  Play Videos In the background
  •  Admob Integrated for you to make money
  •  Music Lyrics
  •  Dark Theme
  •  Play all MP3 music through streaming or downloading
  •  Find your favourite song through our best song search feature.
  •  Built-in MP3 player for all downloaded music and music already on phone
  •  Change app color themes with inbuilt accent colors
  •  All music genres from all artists all over the world
  •  Login system for your mailing lists
  •  Keep your music playing while using other apps
  •  Videos and audio downloader in all quality, 4K, Full HD
  •  Download multiple mp3 kinds of music at one time all day
  •  Make money through Admob Ads and Applovin Ads
  •  Applovin Maximum ads integrated
  •  Search Worldwide Music from all your favorite languages.
  •  Multiple languages.


Try It out below

download demo


Make it quick

You Buy, reskin in a few days and Upload to playstore


  1. Buy from us
  2. Reskin to make it yours
  3. Add google ads unit or Applovi ads
  4. Upload to play store and start earning or market it outside playstore and earn from Applovin ads


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