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Wuggy Kissy Tower Escape - Unity Source Code

Wuggy Kissy Tower Escape - Unity Source Code


Wuggy Kissy Tower Escape- Unity Source Code, Tips It's necessary to buy products developed by professional concinnity. It isn't recommended to buy products without foundation, particular inventors do not have time to deal with some introductory problems, thank you. To start your endless trip with this Wuggy Tower strategy mystification casual game. Huggy Wuggy is a bad monster to the world but he always tries to save Kissy Missy‘s family and keep it in the stylish interests. The Wuggy Tower Playtime is where you'll have to help Huggy and Kissy Missy escape from the palace. You can control Huggy Wuggy to master the adversary, destroy the evil monster, deliverance abettors, save hostages, and make your castle. To be the last survivor and save Kissy Missy, you should collect enough points or combine with abettors to upgrade Huggy Wuggy's power master important heads and potent mystical brutes and complete all the audacious operations. Always make sure that Huggy Wuggy is stronger than all adversaries and monsters. Wuggy Tower isn't just an introductory coupling and combining game. So, you have to suppose before every drag and drop, calculate every move, and use your brain to map your coming action before so numerous adversaries. The farther you go, the harder the mystifications will get. You suppose how far can you go?. 


1. Move Huggy Wuggy intelligently to position over, get spoiled, master adversaries, and go as far as you can. 

2. Collect further points. 

3. combine a stronger Huggy. 

4. Save the Kissy Missy and abettors. 

5. Reach the top of the palace. 

6. Get Golds to upgrade your palace 



1. An escaping kissy filly's family game. 

2. Simple but addicting gameplay. 

3. Easy and Smooth control 

4. A fully free game 

5. High-end plates, pictorial sound, and outstanding music. It's a perfect game for every age. 


Playing Wuggy Tower Escape Playtime will challenge your mystification- working and adventuring capacities, one of the stylish escape games. 

Dive into an engaging gaming challenge that will give you hours of relaxing gameplay. 


Requirements :

Current version –
Unity 2021.2.7f1

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