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3D Snake vs Block – Unity project with admob Integration


This is a template for creating a casual game called 3D Snake vs Block. The project offers various game features, including Admob, Unity Ads, In-App Purchase, and Firebase Analytics. The game uses Unity's latest version (2019.x), ensuring optimal performance on all mobile device generations.

To play the game, swipe your finger to move the snake along corridors and consume boxes to increase its length.

Here are the features of the project:

• Easy to play, hard to master

• Simple user interface design

• 3D block design that's easy to reskin

• Admob (Interstitial and banner)

• Unity Ads (100% fill rate for Admob)

• In-App purchase (Remove Ads)

• Supports control for Android and iOS

• Unity 2019.x

Requirements for the project include a free Unity license version 2019 or later and macOS and Xcode for building iOS. The current version of the project is Unity 2019.4.22f1.

Current version –
Unity 2019.4.22f1

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