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Duplicate File Remover – Duplicate Files Fixer – Duplicates Cleaner

Duplicate File Remover and fixer is a tool to lighten the device storage from heave and duplicate files . The duplicate file Remover app finds and removes duplicate images ️ quickly and refreshes your device storage . Replicate files can be caused various problems on our phones like ;

Occupy device storage cleaner Phone starts to be hanging and not working properly Make a search slow-moving and more complex Disarrays make device finding data confuse

Display Storage Space: The remove duplicate contacts app shows you the storage cleaner of your mobile and how much is used by the files. The Duplicate files fixer and photo cleaner app will scan and show all the replicate files presently in the storage.

Quick clean storage: Duplicate files fixer has the fastest scanner to detect duplicate images, duplicate video remover, etc. Duplicate files fixer searches accurately for duplicate files fixer.

Auto Marked Duplicate: The duplicate file remover has the best features to auto mark the duplicate files, so you will have the ease to delete duplicate files.

Detection: The Photo cleaner fixer will quickly detect duplicate files and remove them from the phone storage. The file remover is powerful in duplicate file detection.

Remove Duplicate Images: Dup fixer quickly scans and removes the duplicate images from the storage.

Cleanup Duplicate Videos Remover: Sometimes videos in large size are kept on our phone but stay hidden as duplicates, the Replicate file remover app searches and finds all the Duplicate videos on your android device. Find those large duplicate video remover and lighten your phone space.

Duplicate photo Cleaner: Duplicate audio cleaner finds and removes all replicates from your device and frees up the storage. Keep more new audio files, like songs, etc, and enjoy the rest of your free space on mobile.

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Finder & Remover: Duplicate contact remover is a powerful lap for clean storage to search in your phone for duplicate contacts even if the contact is saved with the change name, the duplicate contact remover will find your all duplicate contacts and lighten storage cleaner caught by contacts heavy list.

Clean storage: Most of the time we copy an official document on our phone for urgency but then we forget to remove it and we still keep the same files again on our phone, but the remove duplicate contacts will cleanup all the replicate files fixer from the phone. You can find and delete duplicate documents in seconds and clean storage space.

Find Duplicate APKs and clean storage: We used to install unlimited apps and games on our phone but after deleting the game or app we forgot the delete the APKs as well, this feature is especially best for those who daily work on apps and games and had to install an app or game again and again. This file remover app will delete files with duplicate copies.

Replicate Zip File Finder & Remover: The zip files are mostly used officially on the phone, so if you forget to remove them after completing work then the Dup fixer app will quickly search and remove the Zip files from your phone. Contacts: The remove duplicate contacts Only ask for the Contact’s permission if a user wishes to find and delete duplicate contacts. Storage: The storage cleaner permission is necessary to be allowed for the Duplicate photo remover app to access the storage cleaner and locate the Duplicate media files. Open the Cleanup Duplicate File remover app on an android device, and proceed to Let’s Get Started, Choose a category you want to scan to find duplicates like; Images, Contacts, or any other. Now wait a second for the duplicate file remover to browse and find duplicates in your device, now you will see the duplicate files on your screen, confirm these files before deleting. The exact process applies to other categories.

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