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Nuton – Online Learning Mobile App Figma UI Template

Nuton is an app is exclusively made for online education industries. It has a modern, clean and very detailed UI design for iOS and Android apps. You can easily customize the screens, allowing for great flexibility and ease-of-use when it comes to putting the finishing touch on your project.


- 40+ Screens
- Fully Customizable
- Good color combination
- Fully layered
- Well Organized Group and layers
- Ready to code
- Image are not included

File Format

01_Welcome Screen
02_Onboarding 1 Screen
03_Onboarding 2 Screen
04_Onboarding 3 Screen
05_Sign in
06_Forgot password
07_Forgot password (sent email)
08_New password
09_Sign up
10_Sign up (account created)
11_Verify your phone number
12_Confirmation code
14_Category Grid
16_Category List
18_Course Details
19_Course Details-2 version
20_Course Lessons
21_Course Lessons Video
22_Course Reviews
23_Leave a Review
25_Course completed+Certificate
26_Course completed+Certificate-2v.
27_My Profile
28_Profile Edit
29_My Courses (ongoing)
30_My Wishlist
31_My Wallet
32_Add a new card
34_Choose payment method
35_Payment Success
36_Payment Failed
37_Help & Support
38_Privacy Policy
39_Order successful!
40_Course Details (Cut)
41_My Courses (completed)

Font Used:

https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Lato?query=Lato https://fonts.google.com/specimen/League+Spartan?query=spartan

Icon Used:


Image Used:

- depositphotos.com
- freepik.com
- unsplash.com

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