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Are you a developer seeking the perfect Admin Template to save time and craft exceptional admin panels? Welcome to Pinx, your ally in creating outstanding user experiences without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Why Choose Pinx?

Elegant, Lean Code: Save hours of development with our clean and organized code. Focus on customization, not debugging.

Seamless Integration: Vue.js form the backbone, ensuring flexibility and power. Our integration with Naive-UI, Tailwind CSS, and other technologies provides a complete package ready for action.

Powerful Apps at Your Fingertips: Five integrated apps offer essential features like inbox, calendar, kanban, notes, and chat. Take a giant leap forward in your development.

Scalability with Style: Pinx adapts to your needs as your project grows. With TypeScript and SCSS, you’re geared up for any challenge.

Comprehensive Support: You’re never alone. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions and guide you on your journey.

Enhanced Design Control: Access the project’s Figma file within the bundle, containing the design system. Leverage integrated design tokens to seamlessly modify colors and typography, ensuring synchronization between the template and Figma.

Face the future of development with confidence. Choose Pinx Admin Template and craft impeccable admin panels effortlessly. Let your code shine, and let your creations stand out. Discover Pinx today and take the first step towards successful projects.


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