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Unleash Your Inner Untangle in Twisted Ropes: Untie the Knots!

Ready to challenge your mind and unwind with a splash of color? 


Dive into the world of Twisted Ropes: Untie the Knots, a vibrant puzzle game that will test your logic and reward you with satisfaction.


Here's what awaits you:

  • A feast for the eyes: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and a world bursting with color. Each level is a captivating landscape that keeps you engaged.
  • Your brain's ultimate playground: Face a variety of mind-bending puzzles with intricate knots. Can you untangle the mess and become the ultimate tangle master?
  • Challenge that evolves: Each level presents a unique tangled web, demanding new strategies and keeping the gameplay fresh.
  • Think outside the box: Develop creative approaches to conquer even the most complex knots. Twist, turn, and maneuver your way to a satisfying victory!
  • Endless untangling fun: With a vast collection of levels, Twisted Ropes offers hours of brain-teasing entertainment.



Become a Legend of Untangling!

Download Twisted Ropes: Untie the Knots today and embark on a journey of untangling puzzles and unlocking the champion within. It's the perfect blend of challenge, relaxation, and colorful fun!



Ready to Release with Beautiful Graphics 
100 + Levels 
Ads added 
64 Bit 

Requirements :

Current version –
Unity 2020.2.7f1

Contact us on skype for technical help
Skype ID: Gameosophy

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by Cipa G 24 May 2024


Rope Tangle – Twisted Ropes' design is aesthetically pleasing and functional. I have a visually engaging experience and enjoy playing challenging puzzle games. Thank You.


Asita Bul

02 May 2024

This game is a fantastic concept and fun to play. Can you recommend to purchase more games like this type of?

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