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StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce

StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce helps the store owner to manage the inventory of the products. Using StockUpp, you can organize your sales, purchase orders, suppliers, shipments etc. 

Using StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce, the admin can perform purchase management functions to create the orders, purchase orders, request for the quote, manage incoming shipments, and update incoming product information easily


StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce :

 Manage the quotations, purchase orders, incoming shipments, and also can manage the suppliers easily.

 Assign suppliers to a product from the admin panel under the products.  

 Product Central all products under one Screen. Bulk edit makes it easy.

 Creates & Manages Batch Lots.

 Set Expiry Date for Products or Lots

 The admin can update the information about the partial shipments.

 Shows low inventory to generate purchase orders to fill your stock.

 Generate PDF of Quote, Purchase order, and Shipment Receipt

 Option to set prefix for the purchase order number

 Easy to Configure & Install.

 Manages/Updates Stock Once Shipment is Received.

 Dashboard Get All Reports at one Place

 Compatible with WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

 Inventory Move Stock Move from Locations

 No Monthly Fees.



  • Today Sales & Income & Expenses & Profit
  • This Week Sales & Purchases
  • In stock/ Out of Stock Product Report
  • Location wise Stock Reports
  • Filter Reports by Date


  • Add, edit, delete & view Quotations
  • Add Supplier to Quotations
  • Add Products to Quotations
  • Add Location to Quotations (Compatibility)
  • Confirm Quotation


  • Add, edit, delete & view Purchase orders
  • Add Supplier to Purchase orders
  • Add Products to Purchase orders
  • Add Location to Purchase orders (Compatibility)


  • View Incoming Shipments
  • Partial Shipemnt
  • Updates Stock Levels for the Shipment Received
  • Add Location to Incoming Shipnents (Compatibility)
  • Updates Stock Levels at Locations (Compatibility)


  • Add, edit, delete & view Inventory Move
  • Add Supplier to Inventory Move
  • Add Products to Inventory Move
  • Drafts Stock from One Location to Other Location


  • View All Products on One screen
  • Bulk Edit Products
  • Update Name, SKU, Price, Stock
  • Updates Stock Levels at Locations (Compatibility)

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