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Walogin – Membership management with Blockchain (Authenticator) 2.0.0

Walogin – Membership management with Blockchain (Authenticator)

What is Walogin? As you know, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are getting popular day by day and their usage areas are increasing. Walogin, which allowed only the wallet address to be registered as a username and login in its 1st version, turned into a completely different plugin in its 2nd version. Currently, Walogin is being developed as a membership management system. Yes, you will be able to add great features to Walogin with plugins. Walogin now allows registered users to link their wallets to their accounts. Also, when trying to log in, it asks the user if he is not registered, and if you have enabled the anyone can register feature, the user can register.

For new registrations, the “Membership (Anyone can register)” setting must be active in the wordpress general settings section!

For detailed information, you can read below or review the documentation.


  • It supports many different wallets.
  • Users can sync their existing accounts with their wallets
  • If they do not have an account when logging in with a wallet, they can create an account with their username
  • Adds auto login button to WP Login and WooCommerce login pages. (You can remove it from the settings if you want.)
  • You can add a login button to the page you want with the shortcode.
  • There is a page where you can follow users registered with Walogin.
  • Add-ons are available to restrict content with tokens or nft.

Detailed display

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Detailed documentation

Check out our documentation page to learn all the features of the plugin in detail.
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