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Dive Deep into Water Sort Games: A Refreshing Guide

Water Sort games have become a wave of tranquility in the mobile gaming world. But what exactly are they, and why are they so addictive? 

Water Sort games revolve around a core mechanic: sorting colored water into different tubes. You'll typically be presented with a board containing several test tubes filled with a mix of colored water. Your objective is to segregate the colors by strategically transferring water between tubes.

Gameplay Mechanics: A Smooth Flow

How To Play:

Tap a tube to select it. Tap another empty tube (or a tube with matching colored water on top) to pour water from the first tube.
The key challenge lies in following a specific order to achieve the goal: each tube should ultimately contain only one color.



  • 300 levels to play (Difficulty increases as levels progress).
  • Levels by difficulty level(easy, normal, hard)
  • Undo moves button, to undo your moves, each undo costs a value of coins(that value can be changed).
  • Implemet Ads (AdMob or Unity ads).
  • Interstitial ad after 2 winning times (you can change it).
  • In-app purchasing (to buy coins, Remove ads, unlock all tubes, unlock all backgrounds).
  • Shop system (the ability to change bottles and backgrounds for specific levels and customize all shop items to add, remove, or change).

Mastering the Art of Water Sorting: Tips and Tricks

While Water Sort games are easy to pick up, becoming a master sorter requires some strategic thinking:

  • Plan Your Moves: Before making a transfer, consider the final configuration and plan your moves accordingly.
  • Start with Small Tubes: Focus on emptying smaller tubes first to create more space for sorting later.
  • Utilize Empty Tubes: Don't be afraid to use empty tubes as temporary storage for easier maneuvering.
  • Undo Button as a Safety Net: Most games offer an undo button, so don't hesitate to use it if you make a mistake.
  • Beyond Fun: The Benefits of Water Sort Games


Requirements :
Current version –
Unity 2021.2.7f1

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