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WordPress NFT Creator 1.3.6

Create NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) directly from your WordPress website and submit on the Blockchain. This plugin is the perfect starting point for any NFT Marketplace (WordPress/WooCommerce).

Key Features:

  • Deploying NFTs to your wallet’s current network.
  • Single Vendor or Multi Vendor.
  • Compatible with any blockchain that uses EVM and Solidity.(Polygon, ETH, BSC, etc.)
  • Restrict networks that you don’t want to deploy to.
  • Upload your users assets locally or leverage them to Moralis
  • Automatically mints your first nft
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Extensive Offline & Online Documentation, made with Documenter
  • Fast as lightning and easy to use
  • Easy to use Settings Panel
  • Translatable & WPML Ready
  • Backend/Frontend made with VueJS + Ant
  • Responsive Layout
  • Build your NFT Marketplace with iBid NFT Marketplace theme – Live Demo
  • Add-ons (not included):
  • WordPress Live NFT Cards Affiliates with VueJS (Get Now | Live Demo)
  • WooCommerce NFT Importer (Get Now | Live Demo)
  • WooCommerce NFT Importer – WCFM (Addon) (Get Now | Live Demo)
  • WooCommerce NFT Importer – Data Fetcher via Cronjob (Addon) (Get Now | Live Demo)
  • MetaMask Authenticator for WordPress & WooCommerce (Get Now | Live Demo)


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