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"Puzzle King" merged best puzzle games like Flow, Blocks, Tangram, One Stroke, Fill, and even more which are easy to learn and fun to master into one game collection.
As a puzzle lover, you don 't need spending much time searching new brain teasers any more We will give you a ONE-STOP puzzle games experience from now on!

"Puzzle King" collection currently has:

★ Flow ★
Needs to match points of different colors one by one
★ Block★
Use blocks to create different shapes
★ Tangram★
Move the colored tangrams to fill up the board,
★Line drawing★
Pull the line into the specified shape
★ One Line★
Connect all points with one line.
★One Fill★
Fill all the blocks with one line
Let all the gears turn.
★Curved Line★
A variety of interesting patterns with curved lines

★ MORE puzzles coming soon★
We are now working hard on developing new challenging puzzle games. Puzzle King will be the king of brain teasers!

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  • Last Update05 Jan 2024
  • Release Date26 Dec 2023
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